Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Saturday, 21 January 2017


The snowflake brigade are out in force just now.

Thank goodness summer is coming to melt them away.

Here's a bird as white as snow.

Little Egret

A few frosty mornings here recently.

and some nice sunny mornings

and Whisky has had some fun with sticks.

 And to end, a short video of some Crows getting up in the morning.

Have fun in the snow.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

New Year

A few days into a new year, and the weather has been pretty good; cold, frosty and some sun; apart from January 1st, when it rained nearly all day.

In the past I've had a few days off to various places in search of as many birds as I could see, to get the annual year list off to a good start.
Couldn't be arsed this year.

My birding has been local areas where myself and Whisky can enjoy being out together.

Second day of the year saw sunshine, and a Grey Heron at one of the local lakes.

This was at Willen Lake, which also had plenty of these.


On the way home we stopped off at Caldecotte Lake and found one of these.

Male Goosander

Whisky also got to see a few of his friends, so a good day had by us both.

Yesterday the sun shone again, so after scraping the frost of the windscreen, we set off to Ivinghoe Beacon in the Chilterns.
A good walk round before it got too busy with other dog walkers and people flying model aeroplanes. Not very much to see to begin with, so we walked on to another spot across the road, called Incombe Hole.

I spent a long time watching a Red Kite flying over the 'hole', searching for food and occasionally swooping down to catch something.

Red Kite

A big flock of Skylark were moving through one of the fields searching the frozen ground for anything to eat, and a large flock of Goldfinches were feeding on the dried heads of Teasel.


Plenty of Redwing about, and good numbers of Fieldfare too, all feasting on the berries on the trees.


After a few hours walking we headed back to the car, and found another bird enjoying some berries.

Mistle Thrush

It's been a pretty good start so far.

Enjoy your day.

Thursday, 1 December 2016


December already, and the year now starts to draw to a close. Whisky looks suitably unimpressed.


I had an indoor plant many years ago, that never seemed to do any good, so I planted it at the bottom of my garden. To my surprise it picked up, and is now a strapping six feet tall. It's also got some flower buds coming.

Castor Oil Plant

The local lake, Caldecotte, has been host to up to half a dozen Little Egrets recently. Not easy to get pictures of them though, they always seem to fly off as I get near.

Not so the Herons though. They seem more than happy to pose.

 Grey Heron

Some gulls are happy to pose too.

Common Gull

Herring Gull

Herring Gull with fresh oyster lunch.

Whisky will always pose

A trip to a local reservoir a couple of days ago found, amongst other delights, this fisherman. I hadn't noticed he'd caught a tiny fish until I saw the picture on the computer.

Grey Wagtail

I went in search of some Mandarin Ducks a few days ago, at a nearby country park, and managed to find a group of 5.

They look far too exotic for this country.

Back at the local lake, at this time of the year, it is always good for these beauties.

Female, going for a swim after a doze in the sun.

A couple of the males

Enjoy the rest of your day

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Absent friends, and playground tantrums

Had a few absent friends this year.

The most recent has been Adrian.

Absent for a few weeks now.

Some fellow bloggers have e-mailed him and had no response or reply.

A few days ago I rang him on his mobile, which went straight to voicemail.
I left a message, but had nothing back so far.

Maybe he's taking a break from blogging.

Maybe he's eloped with a nubile young female camper.

Either way, I hope he's OK.

Here's one of Whisky to get started.

It's all about fun

We've had some good long local walks recently. A few from our travels.

Grey Squirrel gathering his winter store.

These are one of Whisky's favourite playmates and he never passes a chance to chase one.

A pair of Common Darter, doing what comes naturally

 Large White

Painted Lady

Only seen a few of these this year.

Green Woodpecker, clinging to the side of some office buildings.

and finally, Whisky managed to catch one of those pesky Pokemon buggers.


(bless you)

Oh, and the playground tantrums?

Try Twitter and FaceBook.

Social media, my arse. Seems you can't comment at times without some folk throwing a hissy fit.

C'est la vie


Friday, 26 August 2016

August draws to a close

A whitearse bee gathering pollen from a Teasel.

Wild flowers/plants have grabbed my attention recently, so here's a few.
If you're bored with plants, skip these ..................

Lesser Water Parsnip

Purple Loosestrife

Common Ragwort

Not the demon people are led to believe. See my other blog for some facts.

Canadian Fleabane

Common Fleabane

Here's a monster ................

Water Dock

Red Bartsia

And a butterfly,

Green-veined White on Common Ragwort


Brown Hawker Dragonfly

A bird


A field of cows caught my eye one morning.

Usually the calves are taken away from dairy cows at a very early age, (their mothers), which is obviously very distressing for both animals. The reason is so some of us can have the mothers milk in our tea.

We are the only animal species that drink the mothers milk of another animal.

The calves are then slaughtered for meat.
Sad, but true.
These cows, however, were given a slight reprieve, and allowed to bond; if only for a short time.

I watched them as they made a futile attempt at bonding; licking each other, and being close.

 Enjoy your tea.

I'll end with a shot of my boy.

Always my companion.